Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We awoke to snow on Saturday, November 16. Our granddaughters had spent the night so the first thing we did after breakfast was build a snowman. I was amazed at how they knew how to roll a big snowball and what a snowman needed, a carrot for a nose, buttons for eyes, sticks for arms (except we couldn't find any) and grandma suggested grapes for the mouth since we could use a toothpick to hold them on. It was 30 degrees outside and the wind was blowing like crazy but we had a great time. The first snow is always the best snowman snow!

Monday, October 28, 2013


This year our county has celebrated it's 100th anniversary with various activities. This October they sponsored a family potato harvest day. A farmer planted potatoes in a small field and donated the field to families who wanted to come harvest potatoes and see how potatoes were harvested in the past. Our daughter Kim and her husband Rigg were visiting that weekend and we had Chaylee and Lillee, two of our other granddaughters for the weekend as usual. We baby sat Kim and Rigg's two girls, Peyton and Paisley and our four granddaughters had a sleepover Friday night then we harvested potatoes in the morning. Kim and Rigg joined us. We watched while they harvested with a modern day harvester, and two horse drawn harvesters. One of the horsewoman's associations loaned matched teams of beautiful horses for the harvest. They had hay rides and carriage rides also. It was fun to see all the families. And exciting to watch the potatoes come up out of the ground. Then we grabbed all we wanted and put them in burlap sacks. We took home about one hundred and fifty pounds of potatoes for our family. And they are the best I've ever eaten. YUM, YUM!
Here's Lillee waiting for Peyton and Paisley to arrive. I love her hair!
Chaylee and Lillee loved playing with baby Paisley.
On the way to the potato field.
Paisley loved playing in the mud. 

Picture perfect moment!

We love potatoes!

On Saturday, October 26th we went to a Halloween Party at Hemming Village in town. We barely made it because I was finishing up Halloween costumes.

Belle and Cinderella. Aren't they beautiful!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Our 13th grandchild was born September 29, 2013. This makes 11 girls and 2 boys. (We gained a new grandson with Dani's marriage to Jeremiah.) Her name is Adyson Grace Pollock. She was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. She is the daughter of our daughter Danielle and her husband Jeremiah Pollock. Isn't she beautiful? She is such a sweet baby too. Allan and I were able to spend a week with them in their new home and it was great to get to know our son-in-law better. He is a good man.

Adyson Grace Pollock
The new mom.
Darling pictures of the new baby.

Aunt Destiny with her new niece.

Grandpa with his newest granddaughter.

Aunt Kim with her new niece. Cousin Peyton looking on.
The new mom Dani with her two sisters and their kids. I love this picture!

Allan and I had another magical time going out to lunch with our two old friends from college days, Mike and Arlene Bingham. They went on a mission to Mozambique, Africa and have turned in their papers to go on another mission and are expecting their call any day. We talked about missionary experiences, the hard parts and the good parts.

Jaime's other magical experience was attending a Josh Groban concert. Wow! It was amazing. He was amazing and he had an amazing ensemble of musicians accompanying him. He is so talented. He sang so many different styles of songs, played the drums and the piano and wowed the audience. I loved every minute of it. He sang some of my favorites like You Raise Me Up and The Prayer with Judith Hill who was the opening act and he sang To Where You Are. I get a free copy of his new CD and am looking forward to getting it in the mail. I had great seats on the fourth row on the floor. I can cross this event off my bucket list!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here are some details of my cow quilt "Smoochers." 
The quilting was done by Virginia Gore. Didn't she do a great job!
Notice the words on the cow's mouths.

My sister and I were driving my nephews to a friends ranch when we started thinking of ideas for a cow quilt. They helped my come up with "Smoochers." And when we got to the ranch it was called Rasmussen Ranch so I changed it to Rasmoosen Ranch and made this gift bag in honor of my nephews. Thanks Jack and Carson!

The whole quilt.

This shows the  back of the quilt.
I am so excited to be done. I mailed it off to Paducah, Kentucky today. It will be exhibited at the AQS show in Des Moines, Iowa. The name of the show is Cow Stampede. Thanks to Mary Lou Weidman for encouraging me to do this for the show!


If you give a child a camera....